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Parse Biosciences Evercode TCR and Gene Capture

Parse Biosciences has launched the Evercode TCR and Gene Capture single-cell immune profiling and enrichment products. Evercode TCR enables researchers to profile T-cell receptors together with whole transcriptomes in up to 1 million single cells, the company said. Combining TCR sequences with gene expression at this scale makes it possible to track TCR clonotypes across different T cell subtypes and activation states to understand the immune repertoire at exceptional resolution, Parse added.

The Gene Capture product is designed to reduce sequencing needs for larger studies. It focuses on the most relevant genes, making it possible to scale projects to millions of cells and hundreds of samples. Researchers can order a predesigned panel of approximately 1,000 genes relevant to immunology, the Immune1000, or design a panel unique to their needs, Parse said.