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Pacific Biosciences Kinnex RNA Kits

Pacific Biosciences has announced the launch of its Kinnex RNA kits, a rebranded and improved line of assays for RNA sequencing. The lineup includes kits for full-length bulk RNA-seq, single-cell RNA-seq, and 16s ribosomal RNA-seq. All kits are listed at $5,700 for 12 reactions. Kinnex products are based on the MAS-seq method, which concatenates smaller DNA fragments into longer molecules for long-read sequencing. 

The Kinnex single-cell kit builds on the MAS-Seq for Single Cell 3' kit, adding support for the 10x Genomics 5' kit and library multiplexing. The Kinnex full-length RNA kit can yield 40 million reads on the Revio system per 25M SMRT cell and 15 million reads on the Sequel II and IIe systems per 8M SMRT cell. The workflow includes access to PacBio's SMRT Link software for full-length RNA and isoform data analysis. The Kinnex 16s rRNA kit yields 60 million reads on Revio and 25 million reads on the Sequel II instruments.

PacBio is accepting orders and will begin shipments in December 2023.