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New England Biolabs LyoPrime Luna RT-qPCR Master Mix

New England Biolabs has launched LyoPrime Luna RT-qPCR master mix, its first lyophilized reagent product since the acquisition of lyophilization R&D service company Fluorogenics in 2021.

The product enables a fast and simple resuspension with the addition of nuclease-free water, room-temperature shipping and storage, as well as a shelf life of two years at room temperature. It supports multiplexing of up to five targets and uses Luna WarmStart RT paired with Hot Start Taq to increase reaction specificity and robustness. The product's passive reference dye offers compatibility across a variety of instrument platforms, and it includes thermolabile UDG and dUTP to prevent carryover contamination as well as a non-fluorescent blue tracking dye for ease of pipetting.