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MRC Holland SALSA Digital MLPA Probemixes for Multiple Myeloma and Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

MRC Holland has launched two new research-use-only assays for hematological malignancies: SALSA Digital MLPA Probemix D006 Multiple Myeloma and SALSA DigitalMLPA Probemix D007 Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

The multiple myeloma panel targets all non-acrocentric chromosomal arms to enable the detection of large copy number alterations and ploidy changes. Chromosomal regions that are frequently altered in multiple myeloma, including 1q, 1p, 13q, and 17p, are especially well-covered, allowing for high-resolution screening of these arms. The assay also covers genes of emerging significance, such as BCMA and GPRC5D, MRC Holland said.

The ALL assay includes all the targets from ALL-relevant SALSA MLPA probemixes and more in one assay. A single reaction is enough to simultaneously screen for numerous ALL-related alterations, such as intragenic copy number alterations (e.g. IKZF1del), aneuploidies (e.g. 5q deletion), whole chromosome gains, losses and amplifications (e.g. iAMP21), gross ploidy changes (e.g. high hyperdiploidy), and intrachromosomal gene fusions (e.g. STIL-TAL1 fusion), the company said. In addition, this panel includes probes that target subtelomeric, pericentromeric, and middle regions of most chromosomal arms. This allows the detection of larger copy number alterations and ploidy status (hyperdiploidy and hypodiploidy).

Both panels are based on MRC Holland's SALSA DigitalMLPA technology, which merges the MLPA method with next-generation sequencing. Both assays are available worldwide, a company spokesperson said.