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Metabolon Microbiome SmartPanel

Metabolon has launched the Microbiome SmartPanel, the first offering in the company's new SmartPanel portfolio. The Microbiome SmartPanel is designed to explore microbiota-related biomarkers as well as the impacts that microbial processes have on host health through identifying biologically relevant microbial and host-derived metabolites and xenobiotic molecules. The panel also helps shed light on the mechanisms of action of various therapeutics, and can inform dose selection and efficacy. The proprietary Heliogram vizualization tool features 13 microbiome pathways that help users explore how therapeutic interventions affect the microbiome. Additionally, on-demand access to Metabolon's pathway database connects users to curated, microbiome-relevant disease associations and biological themes.

Metabolon plans to make additional SmartPanel offerings public in the coming months and continues to develop novel methods for several Targeted Assays.