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Invitae: Personalized Cancer Monitoring Platform

Invitae has launched its Personalized Cancer Monitoring (PCM) platform to help detect minimal or molecular residual disease in patients with solid tumors. Invitae PCM uses a novel set of personalized assays based on a patient’s tumor to detect circulating tumor DNA in blood, enabling pan-cancer (excluding hematological malignancies) risk stratification, treatment response assessment, and cancer recurrence detection, Invitae said. Each assay is custom-designed to detect a patient's unique tumor signature, allowing for personalized results to guide treatment decisions. Invitae PCM requires both blood and tumor tissue samples from the patient to conduct tumor-normal whole-exome sequencing. Based on the results, Invitae's proprietary algorithm selects 18 to 50 tumor-specific variants to include on the patient's custom-designed ctDNA panel. Validation studies have demonstrated that the assays have greater than 99.9 percent sensitivity in detecting ctDNA at a 0.008 percent variant allele frequency, Invitae said.