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GenScript GenWand Double-Stranded DNA Service

GenScript has launched the GenWand Double-Stranded DNA Service for the manufacture of CRISPR knock-in homology-directed repair templates in T cell engineering. Closed-end dsDNA enables researchers to perform gene knock-in with higher efficiency and lower toxicity than traditional PCR methods and is ideally suited for large-scale screening and scale-up in cell and gene therapy, the company said. The service manufactures covalently closed-end linear DNA to help increase the stability of dsDNA by limiting endonucleases' digestion of the dsDNA once entering cells. It also mitigates non-homologous end joining risk and increases knock-in accuracy when using CRISPR homology-directed repair machinery, GenScript said. Made via a proprietary production process, GenScript's dsDNA is available from micrograms to grams, and in 2-10 kb sequences. Various quality grades are available from research grade to basic GMP, the company said.