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Fujirebio Lumipulse G ApoE4 and G Pan-ApoE Assays

Fujirebio has launched the Lumipulse G ApoE4 and G Pan-ApoE Assays for research use only on the fully automated Lumipulse G Systems. These chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassays enable the quantitative measurement of the E4 isoform of the apolipoprotein E (ApoE4), specifically, and for all isoforms of the same protein (Pan-ApoE), respectively, in human plasma within just 35 minutes. The company said that researchers can use the assays to further investigate the clinical utility of ApoE protein quantification in Alzheimer's disease and related disorders on the Lumipulse G. This platform has the required throughput and meets the regulatory requirements to support possible future routine use of blood-based testing of these markers, Fujirebio added.