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EpiCypher Cutana autoCUT&RUN Assay

EpiCypher of Research Triangle Park, North Carolina has launched a fully automated version of its Cutana CUT&RUN assay (autoCUT&RUN) for high-throughput mapping of chromatin features. CUT&RUN assays are used to map the genomic distribution of chromatin-associated proteins, including histone modifications, transcription factors, and chromatin remodelers. Compared to chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP), CUT&RUN generates high-resolution chromatin profiling data with improved signal-to-noise, but only requires a fraction of the cells and sequencing depth, EpiCypher said. The company also said it developed autoCUT&RUN to meet demand for large-scale application, including therapeutic mechanism of action, drug dosing, cell identity fingerprinting, and biomarker discovery. The company has "soft launched" the product, according to a spokesperson, and will soon include the technology in an assay service and customized kits.