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Element Biosciences Aviti24 and Teton Chemistry

Element Biosciences has begun taking orders for Aviti24, its instrument for next-generation sequencing and multiomic cell profiling. 

Aviti24 allows researchers to simultaneously examine DNA, RNA, proteins, phosphoproteins, and cell structure using the company's Teton chemistry. One run can profile up to 1 million cells in less than 24 hours, the company said. Pre-order list pricing for the instrument is $424,000 or as an upgrade to existing Aviti placements for $150,000. Prior to June 30, 2024, customers can save $50,000 by pre-ordering Aviti24 as part of their purchase. The platform will be shipped by the end of the year.

The instrument will launch with four fixed panels. Two panels will enable deep profiling of the MAPK signaling pathway to investigate basic cancer biology and therapeutic response and resistance. The other two panels will enable human immune profiling and neuroscience applications, respectively. Teton chemistry can also be used to culture cells in a 12-well format.