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Element Biosciences Aviti FIT Suite

Element Biosciences has launched Aviti Fit, a suite of products to provide more flexibility on its Aviti instrument. 

The Aviti LT (low-throughput) is an instrument configured to run only low- and medium-throughput sequencing kits. It can be upgraded later to run the full lineup of kits. New sequencing kits include a 1 billion-read 2x75 bp kit, 250 million- and 500 million-read 2x150 bp kits, and 300 million- and 100 million-read 2x300 bp kits. Some new kits will offer two individually addressable lanes.

The firm is also launching Elembio Cloud, an online platform for managing instruments, monitoring runs with real-time updates, and visualizing run metrics and data to gauge run performance.