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Elegen Enfinia DNA With High Complexity Sequences

Elegen has launched an enhancement to its Enfinia DNA to provide very high-complexity DNA sequences in as few as 10 business days.

The firm's sequence acceptance criteria now enable the synthesis of long linear double-stranded DNA that includes: inverted terminal repeats, including adeno-associated virus ITRs; difficult promoters and enhancers (e.g. R6K, CaMV 35S, SV40, IRES, GAL4-UAS); hairpins up to 100 bp; A/T homopolymers up to 30 bp; G/C homopolymers up to 15 bp; short tandem repeats up to 60 bp; long repeats up to 150 bp, including lentivirus long-tandem repeats; 100 bp regions of 12 percent to 85 percent GC content; and greater flexibility on the position of complex regions.