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Cellecta DriverMap Adaptive Immune Receptor TCR and BCR Kits

Cellecta has launched the DriverMap Adaptive Immune Receptor (AIR) TC and BCR kits, a family of multiple PCR and next-generation sequencing-based assays that enable profiling of up to all seven T-cell receptor and B-cell receptor chains from the same sample, in a single tube, without specialized equipment. The kits can be used with a variety of immune sample types including whole blood, tissue biopsies, and FFPE. They feature functionally validated primer sets targeting the highly variable third complementary determining regions (CDR3) of the heavy chain of the respective T- and B-cell receptors, along with reagents for multiplex PCR, yielding NGS-ready libraries. Subsequent sequencing and analysis identify antigen-activated clonotypes which can provide insight into the adaptive immune response and is useful for a wide range of therapeutic and diagnostic applications, the company said.