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Bruker TimsTOF TrueSCP and TimsTOF Pro 2

Bruker has launched two new TimsTOF instruments, the TimsTOF TrueSCP and TimsTOF Pro 2.

TimsTOF True SCP is the result of a collaboration with Evosep and the laboratory of Matthias Mann at Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry. The platform can achieve fivefold higher ion transmission for data-independent dia-PASEF, or parallel reaction monitoring prm-PASEF methods, Bruker said. The dia-PASEF method has demonstrated true, unbiased 4D proteomics from single cells with quantitation of about 1,5000 proteins/cell, in hundreds of isolated single cells ex situ, in combination with the Evosep One LC with Whisper flow technology. As such, the platform provides ultra-high sensitivity for unbiased single-cell proteomics after laser microdissection of cells, as well as ultra-sensitive neoantigen discovery in immuno-oncology research.

The TimsTOF Pro 2 is designed for robust, unbiased, deep, and quantitative 4D proteomics and 4D epiproteomics for plasma and tissue samples, and from cell culture, Bruker said. New design advances combined with enhanced data-PASEF, dia-PASEF, and prm-PASEF methods enable the detection of more than 6,000 proteins and more than 60,000 peptides by dda-PASEF with 60-minute gradients on 200 ng of digest, the company said. It also has new high-sensitivity methods that enable very good proteome coverage with 10-fold less digest, down to 20 ng, for more than 3,500 protein groups and more than 25,000 unique peptides using a 30-minute gradient. The dia-PASEF workflows on TimsTOF Pro 2 include an improved interface for designing experiments, and can now identify about 8,000 protein groups and 70,000 peptides in 60 minutes on 200 ng of digests, the company said.