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BostonGene Liquid Biopsy, Immunoprofiling, and Spatial Proteomics Solutions

BostonGene has launched its CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited liquid biopsy, immunoprofiling, and spatial proteomics solutions that the company said provide a "holistic" view of a patient's disease by integrating multiple AI-based molecular and immune profiling techniques. The liquid biopsy solution offers high-sensitivity pan-cancer interrogation of 216 genes, including 200 genes with complete exonic coverage, the company said. The company's proprietary error reduction algorithms and filtration of hematopoietic (CHIP) mutations provide accurate testing results, it added. The immunoprofiling solution uses a single tube of blood to identify surrogate biomarkers for clinical trial patient selection, monitor disease progression and treatment response, and guide immunotherapy treatment, BostonGene said. The spatial proteomics offering comprises a multiplex immunofluorescence assay to provide a comprehensive overview of tumor cells, active and suppressive immune cell infiltration, stromal and vascular components, and advanced analytics of tissue architecture based on cell-to-cell interactions, the company said.