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Blackhawk Genomics HerediSeq, PanSeq

Blackhawk Genomics has launched two genomic analysis kits, HerediSeq and PanSeq, designed to detect structural variants and elucidate difficult-to-characterize genomic regions using long-read sequencing. Both assays use CRISPR/Cas9 technology to enrich specific genomic regions prior to sequencing, without the need for amplification.  

HerediSeq chemistry resolves deletions and duplications, repetitive regions and pseudogenes, allowing for easy and accurate identification of germline structural variants in genes associated with the increased risk of hereditary cancer and cardiac diseases as well as those relevant in carrier screening applications. PanSeq uses targeted enrichment for rapid detection of microbial, fungal, and viral species, plus treatment resistance markers.

Currently, three HerediSeq kits are available targeting cancer, cardiac diseases, and carrier screening content. Up to 24 samples can be sequenced in a single flow cell or run, and sample preparation takes less than a day. Each kit can process 96 samples. PanSeq kits can process 96 samples, all in a single run, with data available in less than a day from sample receipt.