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Biognosys TrueDiscovery, TrueTarget, TrueSignature

Biognosys has launched three additions to its mass spectrometry portfolio that are intended to help biopharma customers integrate multiple proteomics workflows across their drug discovery and clinical development pipeline.

The company's TrueDiscovery platform is intended for discovery work exploring disease biology, mechanisms of drug action, and biomarker discovery. It uses Biognosys' hyper reaction monitoring mass spec approach to measure up to 13,000 proteins in tissue and up to 5,000 proteins in biofluids.

Its TrueTarget platform uses limited proteolysis-coupled mass spectrometry to look at structural changes at proteome-scale, allowing researchers to identify on- and off-target biding of compounds.

The TrueSignature platform allows researchers to develop customized panels of up to 100 proteins for pharmacodynamic readouts and clinical biomarker monitoring.