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Biocartis Idylla IDH1-2 Mutation Assay Kit (RUO)

Biocartis has launched the Idylla IDH1-2 Mutation Assay Kit for research use only. Currently only available to select customers, the assay is the first developed with the company's new Idylla Flex technology that separates the generic components of an Idylla test from the test-specific components. Idylla Flex shortens the development time of new Idylla assays by combining a generic Idylla cartridge with test-specific components that are provided in a separate vial and can be added to the cartridge along with the sample. The format will first be available for use with formalin-fixed paraffin embedded samples, peripheral blood mononuclear cells, whole blood, or extracted DNA.

Mutations in the isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 (IDH1) and 2 (IDH2) genes are oncogenic drivers that are frequently found in a variety of human malignancies, including gliomas, acute myeloid leukemia, cholangiocarcinoma, chondrosarcoma and thyroid carcinoma. The new Idylla assay can detect five mutations in IDH1 and 10 mutations in IDH2, along with an integrated processing control, with a turnaround time of less than 2 hours, the company said.