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Bio-Rad Celselect Slides 2.0

Bio-Rad Laboratories has launched Celselect Slides 2.0 for rare cell and circulating tumor cell capture. Compatible with the company's Genesis Cell Isolation System, the latest version of Celselect Slides latest version of Celselect Slides allows researchers to load 2.5x more sample per slide compared to Celselect Slides 1.0, increasing the sample volume from 4 ml to 10 ml. The number of microchambers in which CTCs are captured has also increased, from 56,400 in the version 1.0 slides to 140,800 in the version 2.0 slides. The Genesis System's two-bay design accepts two Celselect Slides that can be run independently, now permitting a total volume of 20 ml of sample to be processed at one time. The new slide design is also compatible with full standard blood tube runs (about 8 ml), allowing seamless integration into researchers' existing workflows, the company said.