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Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Biomek NGenius Next-Generation Library Prep System

​​Beckman Coulter Life Sciences has launched the Biomek NGenius liquid handling system. The instrument, with an integrated thermal cycler, labware transport, and reagent aliquoting functions, automates manual library construction and reagent transfers, the company said. It also eliminates loading errors by harnessing the optical analytics of Dynamic DeckOptix technology to check for capped reagent vials, incorrect sample input reaction vessels, misplaced or unremoved plate covers, and missing thermal cycling pads, according to the company. The instrument also comes with a proprietary software portal that allows batch setup and system monitoring remotely from a user's Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge-enabled computer.

Beckman Coulter said several companies, including Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), Invitae, Illumina, and AmoyDX have signed application development agreements for the Biomek NGenius liquid handler.