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BD Rhapsody HT Xpress System and Mouse TCR/BCR Multiomic Assay; BD Flex Single-Cell Multiplexing Kits

Becton Dickinson has launched the BD Rhapsody HT Xpress System and related assay kits for single-cell multiomic studies. The Rhapsody HT Xpress System enables researchers to isolate, barcode, and analyze single cells with up to eightfold higher throughput than prior versions of BD single-cell analyzers. The system ensures no sample loss and enables scientists to simultaneously analyze multiple samples and different cell sizes and types, such as stem cells or cancer cells. The company also said that it is launching the BD Rhapsody Mouse TCR/BCR Multiomic Assay, a cell receptor profiling tool for single-cell studies; and the BD Flex Single-Cell Multiplexing Kits, a companion tool for single-cell studies on any BD Rhapsody system. The company will introduce these new products at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology General Meeting next week.