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ASMS Product Launches: Thermo Fisher, Bruker, Waters, PreOmics, Biognosys

A number of vendors introduced new products this week at the American Society for Mass Spectrometry annual meeting in Houston.

Thermo Fisher Scientific introduced its Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Astral mass spectrometer featuring its new Astral analyzer as well as a quadrupole and Orbitrap. The Astral analyzer offers a scan rate of up to 200 Hz and resolution of 80,000, while the Orbitrap offers scan rates of up to 40 Hz and resolution of up to 480,000. The Orbitrap's Biopharma Option allows for analysis of molecules of up to m/z 8,000. The instrument is meant to deliver both depth of coverage and high throughput, allowing for measurement of more than 15,000 proteins and processing of as many as 180 samples per day.

Thermo Fisher also introduced its new µPAC Neo High Throughput HPLC columns for high-throughput proteomic experiments as well as the latest edition of its Proteome Discoverer software, version 3.1, which uses the Chimerys intelligent search engine from MSAID for analysis of both DIA and DDA mass spec data.

Bruker introduced its timsTOF Ultra mass spectrometer, the newest instrument in its timsTOF line. The system features a scan speed of up to 300 Hz, a new CSI Ultra ion source that improves the formation of ions from nanoLC gradients, and new microflow emitters. According to the company, the instrument can identify more than 5,000 proteins at single-cell sensitivity.

Bruker also launched its VistaScan software, which synchronizes the ramping of the timsTOF's TIMS system with the instrument's quadrupole to improve the performance of its ion mobility component. The company's new SCiLS Lab 2024 software includes metabolite and lipid annotation as well as improved collisional-cross section-enabled feature finding to improve multiomic spatial tissue research.

Waters launched a new resolution enhancement mode for its Select Series MRT mass spec system, making it capable of 300,000 FWHM resolution, a 3X faster scan rate, and parts-per-billion mass accuracy.

PreOmics launched its ENRICH-ist Kits for enrichment of plasma and serum proteins for proteomic analysis. The kits consist of non-functionalized paramagnetic microbeads and, according to the company, can enrich low-abundance plasma and serum proteins by 50 percent to more than 100 percent using a five-hour workflow.

Biognosys introduced a new bead-based plasma proteome enrichment assay as part of its TrueDiscovery service platform. According to the company, the workflow enables the high-throughput quantification of roughly 4,000 proteins in human plasma.