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Arima Genomics Arima-Hic+ FFPE Kit and Arima-Sv Bioinformatics Pipeline

Arima Genomics has launched the Arima-Hic+ FFPE kit, which expands the Arima-Hic+ workflow to formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues, and the new Arima-Sv pipeline, allowing researchers to identify structural variants from their 3D genomic data from a broad range of sample types. According to the company, the kit combined with the bioinformatic pipeline will provide researchers a robust workflow to identify structural variants using FFPE tissue samples and short-read sequencing, elucidating connections among the 3D genome, gene function, and disease processes. These tools can also be used for a wide range of translational research areas including cancer, blood and neurological disorders, and immune diseases, where FFPE tissues are a critical archival and clinical sample type.