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Akoya Biosciences PhenoCode Discovery Panels and Enable Cloud Platform

Akoya Biosciences has launched PhenoCode Discovery Panels to simplify spatial biology workflows on the company's PhenoCycler-Fusion platform. The ready-to-use, modular panels include biomarkers that can answer key biological questions related to immune profiling, lymphocyte profiling, tissue architecture, and immune activation and proliferation, the company said, and can be used on their own or combined. 

In collaboration with Enable Medicine, Akoya also launched a cloud platform for the analysis of high-plex spatial image datasets generated by the PhenoCycler-Fusion system. Powered by the Enable Atlas database, the Enable Cloud Platform is available to PhenoCycler-Fusion users as a software-as-a-solution package. Akoya said the platform is an end-to-end spatial cloud solution for data management, image analysis, and mapping predictive spatial signatures.