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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Aug 12, 2016

Appistry GenomePilot 4.0

Appistry has launched GenomePilot 4.0, the latest update to its DNA data analysis software. The new release incorporates the capability to perform differential expression analysis of RNA-Seq data in three steps: Feature Counts, which allows the user to define a feature count pipeline to identify gene counts for analysis; Experiment Builder, which enables users to create an experiment with traits to be analyzed while the software auto-populates gene counts into the workflow; and Differential Expression, which allows users to run differential expression analyses and visualize their results within one system without programming or working in multiple tools.

Asuragen Armored RNA Quant Zika Virus Control

Asuragen has launched its custom Armored RNA Quant Zika Virus target, which can be used to develop molecular assays. The company's Armored RNA Quant technology is the gold standard for reliable and traceable standards to develop molecular assays for virus quantitation, the company said. Developed in collaboration with Jan Felix Drexler, professor at the University of Bonn Medical Center and the German Center for Infection Research, the control is a multi-gene target designed using seven genes from the Zika Brazilian reference sequence KU321639.

Fluidigm Juno Automated Targeted DNA Sequencing Library Preparation System

Fluidigm has launched the Juno Targeted DNA Sequencing Library Preparation System, an automated, scalable system for medium- to high-throughput next-generation sequencing, featuring multiplexed target amplification and optimized for Illumina instruments. The system can support panels with only a few genes as well as those featuring hundreds, and can handle thousands of samples per week, the company said.

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