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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb This Week: Saphetor, Synthego, and Cynvenio Biosystems

Saphetor Variant Analysis Platform v.5.4

Saphetor has launched the newest version of its Variant Analysis Platform, v.5.4. The updated version has improved variant classification in line with American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics guidelines. It also includes more annotations, such as gnomAD exomes and updated and curated Clinvar data, an improved upload process, and improved read alignment interface for multi-sample analyses.

Synthego Online CRISPR Tools

Synthego has released online CRISPR tools that make more than 100,000 genomes accessible for gene knockout guide design. The tools include a guide designer, a design validator, and the ability to order CRISPR guide RNA. Researchers can select a desired gene of interest from a curated list of genomes representing more than 9,000 species. The Synthego tool then uses several built-in algorithms to instantly generate guide designs and recommendations for the most efficient guides with low off-target effects and highest likelihood to knock out the function of a gene, the firm said. Additional features include the ability to validate, share, and purchase synthetic single guide RNA. The new tools are free to use and available at

Cynvenio Biosystems ClearID Lung Cancer test

Cynvenio Biosystems has launched its ClearID Lung Cancer blood test. The 11-gene panel leverages next-generation sequencing technology to identify tumor-related genetic mutations that can be treated with targeted therapies. It identifies ctDNA burden and detects somatic mutations as low as .13 percent with an accuracy of 99.76 percent and a sensitivity of 95.9 percent, the firm said.

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