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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb This Week: Edico, Epic Sciences, Roche, More

Edico Dragen Complete Suite

Edico Genome has introduced Dragen Complete Suite on AWS Marketplace, providing Amazon Web Services users with one-click access to all Dragen next-generation sequencing data analysis applications. The Dragen CS package includes version 2 of both the germline and somatic pipelines. Dragen CS contains tools for all pipeline steps, including mapping/aligning, position sorting, duplicate marking, and variant calling. The application accepts sequencing data inputs in BCL, FASTQ, and BAM/CRAM formats, and features BCL conversion, download and upload streaming, and compressed hash tables for a more streamlined and efficient workflow.

Epic Sciences Metastatic Breast Cancer CTC Panel

Epic Sciences has released a new single-cell profiling panel for metastatic breast cancer, which alllows analysis of a wide variety of targets, including tumor cell burden, clinically relevant hormone receptor status, and genomic drivers. The panel also enables evaluation of individual CTCs for phenotypic heterogenaity and for novel morphologic signatures that can indicate things like homologous recombination deficiency.

Roche HyperCap Target Enrichment Portfolio

Roche has launched its HyperCap Target Enrichment Portfolio, for streamlined and fully integrated next-generation sequencing sample preparation. HyperCap integrates KAPA DNA Library Prep with the SeqCap EZ target enrichment portfolio, and is a further expansion of the HyperCap v1.0 workflow. As part of the new launch, Roche is also introducing Universal Blocking Oligos, which prevent cross-hybridization between adapter sequences in capture experiments.

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