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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb This Week: Canopy Biosciences, 10X Genomics, Phase Genomics, More

Canopy Biosciences Neuropathology, Immuno-Oncology Services

Canopy Biosciences has launched two new services — for immuno-oncology and neurodegenerative disease — performed on the NanoString nCounter platform. The neuropathology service consists of a multiplexed assay covering 770 established genes, providing a comprehensive assessment of neurodegenerative pathways.

The second service, the PanCancer IO 360 Gene Expression panel, enables immuno-oncology research. Using the panel, investigators can examine the expression of a set of 770 genes — including regions that contribute to the interplay between the tumor, microenvironment, and immune response in cancer. A subset of the genes in the panel also make up NanoString's 18-gene Tumor Inflammation Signature, which has been shown in studies to identify potential responders to immunotherapy drugs like PD-1 inhibitors.

10X Genomics Chromium, Supernova 2.0

10X Genomics this week launched a new version of its Chromium de novo assembly solution, featuring a new version of the assembly software, Supernova 2.0. Chromium supports high-throughput crop health, breeding, and other agrigenomic studies. With a low input DNA requirement of 1 ng and optimized DNA preparation protocols, researchers can create a high-quality de novo assembly from a single insect in as little as one week, the company said. 10X also plans to release sample datasets generated by Supernova 2.0, including genomes for humans, plants, insects, and other animals.

Phase Genomics Hi-C Kit

Phase Genomics has launched a Hi-C kit for plant and animal genome assembly. The Proximo Hi-C kit enables the chromosome information capture method, Hi-C, which measures genomic proximity of DNA. The kit includes the reagents needed to generate an indexed, Illumina-compatible Hi-C library. It does not require high-molecular weight DNA extraction or culturing techniques, according to the company.

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