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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb This Week: Applied Biosystems, Fluxion, and Oxford Gene

Applied Biosystems TaqPath ProAmp PCR Master Mixes

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched its TaqPath ProAmp PCR master mixes through its subsidiary Applied Biosystems. The master mixes were developed to address challenges in high-throughput genotyping and copy number variation real-time PCR experiments. The new master mixes come in two formulations: TaqPath ProAmp Multiplex master mix with Mustang Purple for multiplexing up to four targets, and TaqPath ProAmp Master Mix which includes ROX as the passive reference dye. The company said the new product provides high data quality, tolerance to inhibitors, 72-hour pre-PCR benchtop stability, multiplexing breadth, and manufacturing consistency.

Fluxion IsoFlux Cytation Imager

Fluxion Biosciences has launched a new imaging system, the IsoFlux Cytation Imager. The system is designed to work exclusively with the IsoFlux liquid biopsy system and CTC Enumeration kit. The Imager is equipped with an automated stage, autofocus, high-resolution camera, three-color fluorescence, and the necessary objectives for rapid sample scanning and image capture. It also comes preconfigured with all components and software required for automated circulating tumor cell image acquisition, the company said.

Oxford Gene FISH probes

Oxford Gene Technology has launched two CE-IVD labelled fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) probes: the Cytocell Aquarius ROS1 Plus Breakapart and RET Breakapart probes. The new probes detect rearrangements in the genome associated with non-small cell lung cancer and expand the company's extensive lung cancer portfolio. They are available in two economical sizes and are both premixed in hybridization buffer.

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