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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb This Week: Aalto Bio, Empirical Bioscience, and Translational Software

Aalto Bio Tri-Plex Suite of Proteins and Antibodies

Aalto Bio Reagents has launched it Tri-Plex suite of proteins and antibodies. The suite includes the company's Zika virus (ZIKV) primary envelope, NS1 proteins plus Chinkungunya (CHIKV) E2 wild-type, E1 mutant and E1 wild-type proteins, and a complete set of Dengue virus (DENV) proteins for serotypes 1-4. The Tri-Plex suite was developed so that diagnostic testers would be abley to truly serodiagnose positive cases of ZIKV while ruling out any cross reactivity with similar viruses carried by the Aedes ageypti mosquito, the company said.

Empirical Bioscience Taq Master Mix Products

Empirical Bioscience has launched its FlashTaq HotStart master mix and rEVAlution qPCR master mix products, the newest additions to its Taq Master Mix line for extended storage and optimized labeling. These new products allow storage and use at room temperature for up to 60 days and for extended refrigerated storage at 4° C (~39° F) for up to 180 days. Since these products don't need to be frozen, users don't have to deal with reduced activity and progressive degradation from repeated freezing and thawing of similar products, the company said. The extended labeling capabilities offer advantages in high-volume automated labs, the company added.

Translational Software's PGx API

Translational Software has launched a new application programming interface for health systems, laboratories, and software developers looking to include pharmacogenomics information in their products and services. The API was developed using the open-source Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources specification. Customers can use the API to query Translational's knowledgebase for information to help them improve the prescription ordering process, alert clinicians to potential adverse drug events, and suggest medication alternatives.

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