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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: SeraCare, Asuragen, Biofortuna, More

SeraCare AccuSpan HCV RNA Linearity Panel

SeraCare has expanded its AccuPlex line with the launch of the AccuSpan HCV RNA Linearity Panel. The eight-member panel has been qualified against World Health Organization standards and is made from serial dilutions of high-tier recombinant hepatitis C virus, genotype 1b, with established reactivity for HCV RNA, and one negative control. The panel can be used by researchers, diagnostics manufacturers, and clinical labs to develop, evaluate, and validate HCV molecular test methods. The panel is also useful for monitoring HCV RNA recovery at defined intervals, identifying consistency over a linear range, assessing lot-to-lot variability of kits, performing linearity studies, or any time there may be deterioration in diagnostic assays, the firm said. The panel uses SeraCare's AccuPlex technology, which packages recombinant viral material in a replication-deficient, non-infectious way. In addition, it mimics a real patient sample during the diagnostic workflow.

Asuragen AmplideX PCR/CE SMN1 Kit

Asuragen has announced the launch of its AmplideX PCR/CE SMN1 Kit. The kit provides a simple and scalable determination of functional SMN1 copy number within four hours. The assay is compatible with Thermo Fisher Scientific Applied Biosystem capillary electrophoresis instruments and leverages Asuragen's AmplideX Reporter software to automate and streamline reporting of results.

Biofortuna AmpDRY Air-Dried Master Mix

Biofortuna has announced that it will launch its ampDRY master mix for PCR applications at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry Annual Scientific Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo 2018. The firm has developed its ampDRY hot-start master mix to allow complete endpoint or real-time PCR assays to be stabilized in a dry format at ambient temperatures for at least a year. The firm said that it also offers full in vitro diagnostic contract manufacturing services using ampDRY. In addition, the firm can customize the manufacturing process to match customer requirements and develop cost-effective stabilized products.

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