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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: LGC, Biosearch, Beckman Coulter, Loop Genomics

LGC, Biosearch Technologies RapiDxFire Thermostable RT

LGC, Biosearch Technologies has launched RapidDxFire Thermostable RT, a thermostable reverse transcriptase designed specifically for diagnostic kit developers. The enzyme's optimum temperature of 55° C to 80° C improves reaction specificity and allows synthesis from diverse RNA templates. It also has a reaction time of five minutes or less, and is recommended for targets under 1 kilobase. The enzyme's extended stability at room temperature make it compatible with automation, and it is available in a lyophilization-ready Triton X-100-free format, the company said.

Beckman Coulter Apostle Minimax High Efficiency Cell-Free DNA Isolation Kit

Beckman Coulter has launched the Apostle MiniMax High Efficiency Cell-Free DNA Isolation Kit through an exclusive partnership with liquid biopsy firm Apostle. The tool is a magnetic nanoparticle-based kit that extracts cfDNA from up to 5 mL of liquid samples including plasma, serum, and urine using manual or automated workflows. According to the firm, the kit performs reliably across a range of volume inputs while consistently recovering high quantities of cfDNA and effectively removing contaminants.

Loop Genomics mRNA Transcript Counting and Phasing

Loop Genomics has launched a kit and service for mRNA transcript counting and phasing using its synthetic long-read technology that works in conjunction with next-generation sequencing on Illumina instruments. The kit costs $70 per sample and the service costs $299 per sample. The kit uses unique molecular identifiers and enzymes to attach the same barcode at multiple positions along one long molecule.

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