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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Fluidigm, Sphere Fluidics, Euformatics

Fluidigm Advanta RNA-Seq NGS Library Prep Kit
Fluidigm has launched its Advanta RNA-Seq NGS Library Prep Kit, which runs on the firm's Juno microfluidic system. According to the firm, the next-generation sequencing kit allows researchers to reduce their costs for full-length stranded libraries by up to 50 percent. Fluidigm noted that the automated workflow can also reduce the number of operator interventions and total hands-on time to about two hours. The kit allows researchers to simultaneously process up to 48 samples using an integrated microfluidic circuit (IFC). By integrating solid-phase sample enrichment with sequential enzymatic reaction on the IFC, the workflow automates multiple reaction steps to produce up to 48 libraries for sequencing on Illumina systems.

Sphere Fluidics Cyto-Cellect Human IgGk Detection Kit

Life sciences research and development firm Sphere Fluidics has launched its Cyto-Cellect Human IgGk Detection Kit to measure antibody class and productivity for cell line development. The FRET-based assay detects the presence of human IgG from encapsulated cells in picodroplets with kappa light chain after secretion, characterizing and measuring antibody production. According to the UK-based firm, users can combine the kit with the Cyto-Mine Single Cell Analysis System.

Euformatics Omnomics Ion Torrent Suite Plugin

Software firm Euformatics has launched its OmnomicsQ Ion Torrent Suite plugin. Researchers can fully integrate the software with Thermo Fisher Scientific's Ion Torrent sequencers to access quality control metrics and graphics as part of their workflows, without the need for manual external program integration. The Helsinki-based firm noted that the plugin gives Ion Torrent Suite users quality information for every sample run as part of their standard run procedure, eliminating errors and flagging any issues with data quality before it affects patients. In addition, the plugin allows users to perform clinical test validation of their next-generation sequencing pipelines with the OmnomicsV validation and verification software.

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