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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Fluidigm, Loop Genomics, Sema4

Fluidigm Advanta Solid Tumor NGS Library Prep Assay

Fluidigm has launched the Advanta Solid Tumor NGS Library Prep Assay for the simultaneous detection of somatic variants across 53 solid tumor genes using a microfluidic library prep workflow. The firm developed the assay for use with the Juno system, which automates the target enrichment of single-nucleotide variations, indels, and copy number variations for subsequent analysis on Illumina sequencing platforms. The assay comes with a new Juno LP 8.8.6 microfluidic cartridge that allows users to easily process up to six different panels simultaneously with 10-fold lower sample input. Users can also add new cancer markers to the Advanta panel using Fluidigm D3 assay design services, the company said.

Loop Genomics Microbiome Sequencing Sample Prep Kits

Loop Genomics has launched four new sample preparation kits for use on Illumina sequencers to help identify the presence and relative abundance of organisms in the human microbiome.

The kits include: a low biomass phased V1-V9 full-length 16S kit with picogram input amounts and zero human DNA background; a phased 18S-ITS1-ITS2 long-read solution for fungal mycobiome profiling that interrogates an approximately 2.5-kb contiguous region of the genome; a low biomass version of the fungal profiling kit; and a 16S read-cloud kit that offers V1-V9 coverage without V1-V9 phasing.

Sema4 Centrellis Health Intelligence Platform

Sema4 has launched several genomic testing services and digital tools as part of its Centrellis Health Intelligence Platform. According to the firm, the tools provide a comprehensive approach to track a patient's cancer, and are based on 250x tumor coverage and 100x normal coverage across all genes.

The research use only tools include: Patient Journey, which provides an interactive timeline visualization of the patient's health journey and offers services such as diagnoses, treatments, and molecular profiles; Cohort Builder, which offers the ability to define groups of patients according to specific parameters such has stage, histology, and treatments to understand treatment patterns, identify appropriate clinical trials, and allow data-driven decisions about patient care; and VONC, which is an automated variant curation platform using a wide array of databases to support curation of genetic information at scale with clinical evidence to recommend therapy decisions.

Using 100 million reads, the services provide clinical data about a wide range of genomic variants, gene fusion and alternative splicing, tumor mutational burden, and microsatellite instability, the firm said. Researchers can perform the services using fresh frozen, paraffin-embedded, bone marrow, blood, or saliva samples.

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