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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Biogazelle, Berkeley Lights, Agilent, More

Biogazelle HTPathwaySeq and HTTargetSeq
Belgian CRO Biogazelle has launhced HTPathwaySeq and HTTargetSeq RNA sequencing and data-analysis services. HTPathwaySeq generates in-depth information on drug mode of action, highlights molecular similarities between compounds, and reveals potential compound-induced toxicities, all of which help provide critical data for candidate prioritization in drug development.
HTTargetSeq supports the development of RNA-targeting oligonucleotides such as short interfering RNAs (siRNA) and antisense oligonucleotides (ASO). The service accurately identifies off-target genes, which the company noted is important for the anticipation of safety issues and potential repurposing of off-target genes as novel therapeutic targets.
Both services are performed directly on cell lysates from 96-well culture plates, and data interpretation results are shared through Savana, Biogazelle’s proprietary visualization app.
Berkeley Lights TCRseq Kit
Berkeley Lights has launched a T Cell Receptor Sequencing Kit (TCRseq Kit), which enables users of the company's Beacon and Lightning instruments to recover functionally validated T cell receptors from a cell sample with as few as 10,000 input cells. The kit enables Berkeley Lights platform users to first characterize T cell function using the company's Cell Therapy Development Suite and then sequence only the T cells that matter, therefore functionally replacing existing methodologies that require re-expressing hundreds of TCRs to identify rare sequences, the company said.
After performing a T cell functional assay on the Beacon or Lightning instrument, the user selects single human T cells of interest and exports them from the company's OptoSelect chip to a well plate. Using TCRseq Kit reagents, RNA from single T cells is recovered and V(D)J regions of the TCR alpha and beta chains are amplified. The resulting cDNA is ready for the user to index and sequence using sequencing platforms. The TCRseq Kit includes reagents and protocols for processing up to 192 single human T cells, Berkeley Lights said.
Agilent GenetiSure Cyto Microarrays
Agilent Technologies has introduced GenetiSure Cyto microarrays, a set of three new array for cytogenetic laboratories conducting both prenatal and postnatal research. According to the company, the chips include updated, clinically relevant content from respected databases, with probes that provide high-resolution detection of copy number variations and copy-neutral loss of heterozygosity associated with developmental delay, neuropsychiatric disorders, intellectual disability, congenital anomalies, or unexplained dysmorphic features in constitutional DNA samples.
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