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Destina Genomics, Mecwins to Jointly Develop RNA Biomarker Tests

NEW YORK – Destina Genomics and Mecwins have entered into a cross-licensing agreement to develop RNA biomarker tests for drug-induced toxicity, as well as therapeutic RNAs, the companies announced on Wednesday.

The agreement, signed in July, allows the two companies to share their RNA quantification technology with the aim of reducing the risk of error in late-stage clinical trials and speeding the development and implementation of scalable molecular tests.

Destina's technology is geared toward avoiding false positives in diagnostic tests through high-specificity detection of RNAs and their analogues, while Mecwin's early diagnosis AVAC platform targets avoiding false negatives through highly sensitive, low-level biomarker detection.

Under the agreement, Destina intends to focus on developing microRNA-based biomarker detection tests connected to drug-induced hepatotoxicity, nephrotoxicity, and cardiotoxicity. At the same time, the company will offer its services to pharmaceutical companies developing RNA and mRNA therapies and to molecular diagnostics enterprises.

Meanwhile, the agreement will enable Mecwins to develop molecular tests for the absolute quantification of nucleic acids, focusing particularly on RNA.

The companies expect that by sharing their technology, they can make drug and RNA therapy development more reliable at lower cost, and with a workflow comparable to that of immunoassays.

"This agreement enables us to strengthen our business model based on license and supply agreements with industrial partners. Our tests will thus enter the market of biomarkers for the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries," Juan Díaz, CEO of Destina Genomics, said in a statement.

"This will allow us to add both protein and nucleic acid detection to our portfolio of tests, enabling us to stand out from the competition," explained Óscar Ahumada, CEO of Mecwins.

Destina Genomics said that it hopes that the agreement will enable it to successfully close its capital increase of €2 million in the first quarter of 2022. Mecwins has expressed interest in participating in the investment round.