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New Products: Affymetrix's OncoScan FFPE Assay Kit, OGT's CytoSure Consortium Cancer +SNP Array


Affymetrix this week launched its OncoScan FFPE Assay Kit, a whole-genome copy number assay for highly-degraded, formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded samples.

The new assay relies on Affymetrix's Molecular Inversion Probe technology, and is capable of analyzing small amounts of DNA samples from FFPE samples, the firm said.

The assay provides whole-genome copy number data with specifically enhanced high resolution in 900 known cancer genes, loss of heterozygosity across the whole genome, as well as clinically relevant somatic mutation data, Affymetrix added.

Last month, Affymetrix and BioDiscovery announced the availability of an updated version of BioDiscovery's Nexus software for analyzing OncoScan data (BAN 7/9/2013). OncoScan FFPE has previously been made available only as a service.

Affymetrix said that it is accepting orders for the OncoScan FFPE Assay Kit and will begin shipping the product in September.

Oxford Gene Technology this week launched its new CytoSure Consortium Cancer +SNP Array.

Each slide contains four, 180,000-probe arrays, and allows the simultaneous detection of copy number variation and loss of heterozygosity, with a SNP resolution that enables reporting of LOH at 10 megabases. It is focused on content recommended by the Cancer Cytogenetics Microarray Consortium and covers more than 500 cancer genes and 130 cancer-associated genomic regions for hematological malignancies and solid tumors.

OGT said that the CCMC-approved standardized array design is "intended to improve clinical research quality and promotes collaboration and communication between cancer cytogenomics laboratories."

The Oxford, UK-based company noted that due to the design of its SNP probes, "there are no changes to the standard aCGH protocol, no restriction digest is required, and any reference sample can be used."

The new chip expands OGT's menu of cancer-focused arrays. The firm also offers its CytoSure Cancer +SNP Array, which covers 1,500 cancer-associated genes, and its CytoSure Hematological Cancer +SNP Array, which is focused on hematological cancers.

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