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New Products: Affymetrix's Axiom Strawberry Genotyping Array, BioNano Genomics' IrysChip V2


Affymetrix this week launched its Axiom Strawberry Genotyping Array.

Also called the International Strawberry 90K SNP array, or IStraw90, the array was developed in partnership with the RosBREED SNP Consortium, an arm of the larger RosBREED project, which focused on the genetic improvement of rosaceous crops.

The chip contains 90,000 SNPs and enables high-resolution genotyping of the octoploid strawberry genome, Affymetrix said. The company said that the new chip should enable complex trait research and support multi-trait, marker-assisted breeding of the cultivated garden strawberry.

BioNano Genomics this week launched the second version of its IrysChip for use with its Irys System.

BioNano's Irys system relies on the IrysChip to uncoil and confine long DNA molecules in proprietary Nanochannel Arrays, where they are uniformly linearized in a highly parallel display for high-resolution, single-molecule imaging.

According to the company, the new version of its chip supports a 15-fold increase in throughput, allowing users to analyze structural variation in human genomes, and to advance the finishing of genome assemblies.

The Scan

Comfort of Home

The Guardian reports that AstraZeneca is to run more clinical trials from people's homes with the aim of increasing participant diversity.

Keep Under Control

Genetic technologies are among the tools suggested to manage invasive species and feral animals in Australia, Newsweek says.

Just Make It

The New York Times writes that there is increased interest in applying gene synthesis to even more applications.

Nucleic Acids Research Papers on OncoDB, mBodyMap, Genomicus

In Nucleic Acids Research this week: database to analyze large cancer datasets, human body microbe database, and more.