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New Product Watch: Mar 17, 2009


Affymetrix and Genisphere this week launched a microRNA solution for miRNA expression profiling. The product encompasses an assay, array, and software, and offers coverage for 71 organisms including human, mouse, rat, canine, and monkey.

The miRNA solution includes an Affy-manufactured GeneChip miRNA Array, plus an miRNA quality control software tool; and Genisphere's FlashTag Biotin RNA Labeling Kit, which provides enzyme-linked oligosorbant assay -based quality control to monitor labeling efficiency and does not require sample purification.

The new product is compatible with current Affymetrix GeneChip systems, the companies said.

Febit this week launched HybSelect, a sequence capture application for use with second-generation sequencing.

According to the Heidelberg, Germany-based company, defined oligonucleotides can be synthesized within the eight channels of its Geniom biochip and then used as capture probes for the targeted genomic DNA loci within a sample. Fragmented genomic DNA is then hybridized to the biochip, washed, and eluted. After elution, the selected DNA can be used for sequencing on all currently available second-generation sequencers, according to Febit.

HybSelect is available as a protocol for Febit’s Geniom RT Analyzer, or as a full service including sequencing from Febit. The application is optimized for use with the Illumina Genome Analyzer II sequencing system, and will be soon available for other sequencing platforms, the company said.

Rosetta Biosoftware this week launched Syllego version 3.5. The updated software now enables copy number variation data management and analysis capabilities. Syllego 3.5 also allows the co-analysis of gene expression, CNV, and genotyping data, through enhanced statistical and visualization features and a data exchange gateway to the Rosetta Resolver system. The new software release adds CNV to the Syllego system's current support for genome-wide association, linkage and expression quantitative trait locus studies.

NuGen Technologies this week launched its WT-Ovation One-Direct RNA Amplification System, which uses a three-step process to prepare samples directly from cell lysate for analysis using microarrays or qPCR.

According to NuGen, the system is designed to amplify and prepare a broad range of sample types including stem cells, circulating tumor cells, flow-sorted cells, laser-captured, microdissected, cancer stem cells, embryonic cells, and others that yield small quantities of RNA.

The amplification process includes the lysing of the target cell; amplification of the whole transcriptome; and preparation of the cell for array or qPCR analysis. NuGen said its system is platform independent.

The Scan

Rise of BA.5

The New York Times reports that the Omicron subvariant BA.5 has become the dominant version of SARS-CoV-2 in the US.

UK Health Secretary Resigns

Sajid Javid, the UK health secretary, resigned along with Chancellor Rishi Sunak, saying they cannot work with Prime Minister Boris Johnson's government, CNN reports.

Clones From Freeze-Dried Cells

A team in Japan has cloned mice from freeze-dried skin cells, according to the Guardian.

Genome Research Papers on Craniosynostosis, Macaque Retrotransposition, More

In Genome Research this week: structural variants in craniosynostosis, LINE-1 activity in rhesus macaque brain, and more.