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Microarray-Relevant NIH Grants, Part 1 of 2

Microarray-Relevant NIH Grants in Fiscal Year 2005,
Feb. 14-June 12, Part I of II
Organization Name, City, State PI Name Project Title
Alpha Universe,
Madison, Wis.
Zdanovsky, Alexey G Suspension arrays detection/quantification of antibodies
Austin, Texas
Ye, Fei Bead-array for rapid risk-stratification in leukemia
Boston, Mass
Sauerbudge, Alexis F Pathogen biosensor array for syndrome-based diagnostics
Boston University Charles River Campus,
Boston, Mass.
James J
Noise and dynamics in eukaryotic gene expression
British Columbia Cancer Agency,
Vancouver, Canada
Lam, Wan L Whole genome array CGH of progressing oral dysplasia
Children's Hospital (Boston),
Boston, Mass.
Park, Peter J Statistical and computational studies of microarray data
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory,
Cold Spring Harbor, New York
Stewart, David CSHL course: making and using DNA microarrays
Colo. State University-Fort Collins,
Fort Collins, Colo.
Grainger, David W DNA microarray surface analysis to optimize detection
Columbia University New York Morningside,
New York, New York
Bussemaker, Harmen J Inferring regulatory circuitry from microarray data
Tucson, Ariz.
Artur G
Array-microscope slide scanner system
Eic Laboratories,
Norwood, Mass.
Wilson, Michael S Antibody microarray for detection of tumor markers
Emory University,
Atlanta, Ga.
Huang, Ruopan Protein arrays to profile cytokine expression in ovaria
Genaco Biomedical Products,
Huntsville, Ala.
Lu, Chiungmei Expression profiling of microRNAs with bead array
St. Joseph, Mich.
Nikolskaya, Tatiana A Networks from toxicogenomics gene expression data
Bristol, RI
Oliver, John S Enhanced DNA microarray performance with patterned probe
Gwc Technologies,
Madison, Wis.
Kodoyianni, Voula A label-free approach to gene expression analysis.
San Diego, Calif.
Zhao, Chanfeng Kinase substrate array
Illumina, ,
San Diego, Calif.
Gunderson, Kevin L High resolution DNA copy/LOH measurements on WGG arrays
Institute For Systems Biology,
Seattle, Wash.
Lasky, Stephen R Fast, flexible and inexpensive ink-jet array printer
Jackson Laboratory,
Bar Harbor, Maine
Blades, Natalie J Variability in gene expression experiments
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