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Affymetrix, CollabRx Partner to Integrate Genomics Analysis Tools

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – Affymetrix and CollabRx today announced agreement that will allow Affymetrix array customers to import their data for analysis within CollabRx's software and IT systems to support clinical decision making in oncology.

Under the terms of the deal, cancer researchers who use Affymetrix's OncoScan FFPE Assay Kit to profile solid tumors, and its CytoScan Cytogenetics Suite to analyze hematological malignancies, will be able to process their data within CollabRx's Genetic Variant Annotation Service. The GVA Service is a cloud-based electronic decision support system that supports the analysis of genetic alterations in cancer.

Andy Last, chief operating officer at Affymetrix, said in a statement that the deal will provide its customers with "easily accessible and authoritative informatics solutions" to "integrate copy number information with somatic mutation information in an automated and standardized way."

He noted that CollabRx's platform "provides a dynamically updated knowledge base that is informed by leading cancer experts and is supported by published medical and scientific data. This capability is essential for clinical research laboratories who wish to fully support cancer research for optimal patient care."

CollabRx CEO Thomas Mika said that the integration of Affymetrix's platforms and the GVA Service will "provide translational researchers with key insights into the clinical significance of integrated cancer panels."

San Francisco-based CollabRx has announced a number of deals to expand the use of its platform recently. Earlier this month, it partnered with The Jackson Laboratory to incorporate the firm's data analysis solutions into JAX's genetic sequencing-based cancer tests.

In January, CollabRx signed a multi-year agreement to allow CellNetix Pathology & Laboratories make use of its GVA Service platform within CellNetix's sequencing-based oncology testing services.