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Applied Markets

News on genetics and genomics applications in the Ag-Bio, Veterinary, Forensics, Food Safety, and Environmental Testing markets.

Researchers screened nine orthologs that had not been tried in plants before and identified six that possessed high editing activity in rice.

The findings could additionally inform future studies of cardiovascular disease and hypertension treatments for people.

The companies will use Annogen's SuRE technology, which screens entire genomes for mutations that affect the activity of promoters and enhancers.

Researchers linked high levels of Cynosurus cristatus and Phleum pratense pollen to an increase in asthma-related emergency hospital admissions.

The cell analysis firm beat the consensus top line Wall Street estimates for Q4 and full-year 2020, but missed on the bottom line for the year.

According to the Washington Post, the Biden Administration is set to make changes to federal restrictions on fetal tissue research.

NPR reports that researchers have developed chimeric embryos as part of work toward growing human organs in animals for organ transplants.

In Science this week: approach to isolated trace DNA from archaic humans from sediments, and more.

Texas Monthly looks into the DNA Zoo being collected by Baylor College of Medicine researchers.