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Major Regrets

Even though majoring in a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics field typically leads to a higher-paying job, CNBC reports that a good slice of people who majored in those fields wish they hadn't.

According to a survey conducted by the job search site ZipRecruiter of more than 5,000 of its users, more than a third of science majors regretted their choice of major. In particular, the top reason for that regret was that it is difficult to find a job without additional study or licensure. Other top-regretted majors include English or a foreign language, education, and social sciences or the law.

But fewer respondents regret majoring in computer science or math, business, or engineering, with 13 percent, 13 percent, and 16 percent, regretting their choice, respectively. Health science majors fell in the middle, with 19 percent regretting their choice, often due to low job satisfaction.

"This generation, more than any other that came before it, is looking for work with purpose and meaning," ZipRecruiter CEO Ian Siegel tells CNBC.