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Kids' Vaccine Trial Planned

Moderna is to begin a clinical trial of its SARS-CoV-2 vaccine among children, the New York Times reports.

While the company reported earlier this week that its mRNA-based vaccine appeared in a clinical trial to have an efficacy of 94.1 percent, that trial was conducted among adults. As the Times notes, to be able to offer the vaccine to children, it must first be tested on them. It adds that vaccines intended for both adults and children are typically first tested among adults to ensure they are safe.

According to its posting, the pediatric Moderna trial is to include 3,000 participants over the age of 12, but younger than 18. Experts tell the Times that as kids' immune systems are more active than those of adults, dosing sometimes has to be adjusted for kids, but that vaccines that work in adults usually also work in children. "Everyone anticipates that when we test this first in adolescents, then older children, then the real small kids, that the COVID vaccine will work," Vanderbilt University's William Schaffner, who is also an advisor to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, tells it.

The study is not yet recruiting participants, the Times adds.