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Visible Genetics Gets Patent for Sequencer


TORONTO--Visible Genetics, manufacturer of automated DNA sequencing systems, has received a patent titled ``Virtual DNA Sequencer'' describing an interactive system capable of extremely high sequencing throughput.

The company said its technology is created by networking many independent, high-speed, automated DNA sequencers to a single computer to create what functions as a single large sequencer. The concept is similar to massively parallel computers used in the current generation of supercomputers.

By distributing the sequencing load over many smaller high-speed sequencers operating in parallel, workflow can be optimized, reliability is enhanced, and the end user has maximum flexibility.

"Eight Clipper units, our current automated DNA sequencer, combined into a single virtual instrument can sequence over 50,000 DNA bases per hour,'' said John Stevens, CEO.

"The performance advantages offered by a virtual sequencing network have the potential to provide our customers with optimal throughput and workflow flexibility, both critical features for generating rapid results in diagnostic applications.''

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