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Tute, DNAnexus Provide Integrated Solutions for Analysis, Interpretation

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – DNAnexus and Tute Genomics have combined their respective products to provide an integrated solution for genomic data management, analysis, and interpretation.

As a result of the partnership, customers of both firms will be able to access Tute's platform or DNAnexus' pipelines from either company's cloud environment. DNAnexus offers cloud compute and bioinformatics tools to help researchers analyze genomic data, while Tute provides tools to help researchers and clinicians interpret genomic information and explore the molecular basis of diseases.

"Through our collaboration with DNAnexus, we can now offer Tute customers upstream primary analyses and downstream interpretations in a seamless fashion, which will ultimately help [them] make medical intervention and care decisions easily and rapidly," Kai Wang, Tute's president and co-founder, said in a statement

The alliance will enable clinical researchers to combine information and run analyses without worrying about connecting multiple systems, transferring large files, or deploying costly local solutions, the partners said. Web-based tools allow labs or sequencing providers to upload raw sequence data files directly onto DNAnexus, where the data are automatically processed through proprietary Tute pipelines to generate vcf files that can be analyzed using Tute's genome interpretation solutions.

As part of the collaboration, DNAnexus has created an export tool, available via the DNAnexus App Library, which enables customers to securely transfer variant data into Tute's platform for downstream analysis, including annotation, interpretation, and   reporting. Also, Tute has created a data uploader, that lets its users upload their FastQ files from next-generation sequencers, generate and annotate variant calls, perform association analysis, and draft clinical reports on its infrastructure.

"The integration with DNAnexus brings expertise from both companies together to offer an integrated, end-to-end solution for both research and clinical users, accelerating the pace of scientific discoveries and enabling the implementation of personalized medicine," Reid Robison, Tute's CEO, said.