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ToxPedia, RefSeq 22, dbSNP build 127, IMG, xPONENT

Genedata has released ToxPedia, a computational systems toxicology platformbuilt upon the company’s Expressionist gene expression analysis system. ToxPedia enables biomarker identification by enabling the integrated analysis of transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics data, with conventional toxicological end points, the company said.

RefSeq 22 is available here from the National Center for Biotechnology Information. RefSeq 22 includes 5,207,865 records, 3,438,099 proteins, and sequences from 4,187 different organisms.
NCBI has also released dbSNP build 127, which includes new genome mapping information for six species: Homo sapiens, Bos taurus, Felis catus, Sus scrofa, Bos indicus, and Bison bison

The Department of Energy’s Joint Genome Institute has released IMG (Integrated Microbial Genomes) 2.1, a data-management system for microbial genome data. New features include model eukaryotic genomes, including several yeast species, as well as the genomes of plasmids. IMG 2.1 includes information on 2,782 genomes — 661 bacterial, 34 archaeal, 24 eukaryotic, 1,661 bacterial phages, and 402 plasmids. Among these genomes, 2,524 are finished and 258 are draft.

Luminex has released xPONENT, a new software package for its Luminex 100 and 200 systems. The software includes more than 300 new features, Luminex said, including enhanced security, LIMS integration, interoperability with automated sample-preparation systems, the ability to run magnetic bead applications, and touch-screen capability.

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