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Thomson Reuters, Orion Collaborate on Multiple Sclerosis

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – Thomson Reuters today said it and Orion Bionetworks are collaborating to elucidate the biological underpinnings of multiple sclerosis.

The collaboration also seeks to develop new therapies by generating predictive models of patient stratification and drug targets. Together, Thomson Reuters and Orion will combine their expertise and assets to "integrate and interpret clinical, molecular, imaging, and real-world patient data to develop new predictive models for" MS, Thomson Reuters said.

The collaboration is expected to leverage the partners' knowledge in biomarkers, disease system biology, high-performance computing information technology, and big data analytics.

"This collaboration further underscores the importance of building a robust computational modeling community with diverse expertise and assets to help realize the promise of predictive modeling in disease research," Magali Haas, founder and CEO of Orion, said.

Orion is an alliance of organizations focused on patient care, computational modeling, translational research, and patient advocacy that seeks to change how brain disorders are studied, and to accelerate the discovery of new therapies and cures.

Thomson Reuters is using MetaBase as part of the collaboration. MetaBase is the company's Life Sciences Professional Services' manually curated database of protein interactions, biological pathways, disease biomarkers, and medicinal chemistry.

Researchers will also use a collection of MS-specific pathway maps and biomarkers to construct predictive models that identify molecular subtypes, biomarkers, associated mechanisms, and novel drug targets.

Thomson Reuters will provide Orion with modeling results through access to the new MetaBase MS pathways and networks via the Thomson Reuters MetaCore platform, an integrated software suite of functional data analysis, it said. The models are also being made available to Orion through tranSmart, an open source data sharing and analytics platform.

Financial and other terms of the collaboration were not disclosed.

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