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TeselaGen, Redbiotech to Co-create Herpesvirus Vaccine Library


This week, TeselaGen Biotechnology and Redbiotec announced their plans to build a library that will be used to develop vaccines for the Herpesvirus.

According to the partners, Redbiotec will contribute its proprietary rePAX technology, which is used to produce virus-like particles and multi-protein complexes and its expertise in the field of human cytomegalovirus, while TeselaGen will provide infrastructure for building and modifying DNA and automatic library creation as well as statistical learning approaches to model the performance of VLPs and multi-protein complexes and to feed such information back into the design process.

The companies' goal is to build a verified library for Herpesvirus vaccine development and testing that will help reveal potential causes of virus latency and elucidate virus-triggered cancer mechanisms. It will also enable the optimization and improvement of new and existing vaccine candidates, they said.

This is the second partnership TeselaGen has announced this year. In July, it signed a multi-year licensing agreement that allows Genomatica to use its automated DNA cloning software for microbial strain engineering projects (BI 7/12/2013).

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