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Downloads & Upgrades: Dec 12, 2008

Teranode has released Teranode Fuel, a “research intelligence” product to help drug discovery and development researchers with their decision-making. Fuel integrates with Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle 11G, Microsoft Office-based applications and existing document stores. 
The company said that Teranode Fuel aggregates information in real time across a portfolio of all projects and their subjects — including both structured and unstructured data — to automatically generate semantic connections between documents, data silos, and subject area information. Additionally, Fuel’s integrated decision support tools capture, track, and display decisions as they are made. 
Some of its features include Dashboard Plus for browser-based views of aggregated information, and Semantic Connections to generate relationships between documents, data silos, and subject area terminology. The software’s integrated decision support tools let users capture, track, and view decisions, the company said. 

Ensembl release 52 is available here. According to an announcement, the release includes several user interface changes and supports the Vista/Pip format.
Among the new assemblies are the Homo sapiens core database with a new genebuild on Ensembl human. It was produced by merging Ensembl predictions with the latest version of Vega also running the latest version of the merging code which fixes some bugs in the classification of the type of gene/transcripts.
The CCDS set has also been updated.
Another new assembly is the Gorilla 2x assembly and genebuild for gorilla, as well as the release of an Ensembl genebuild for Gorilla gorilla gorilla, the western lowland gorilla.

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